Aurora Anghel

Witch Hunter


5’1", Greek. Dark Hair, blue eyes, yellow third eye that never closes.
Visual age 20.
Born 840
Embraced 860.
Aurora possesses unconventional looks with her many piercing eyes in sharp contrast to her dark features.
She is a warrior salubri, Daughter of Qawiyya the daughter of Samiel. She is gifted with oracular visions of the future, she has seen the fate of her clan and seeks to change the future and spare all of her brethren.


It is dark. It is always dark.
So dark and quiet, I can finally see the message clearly. Witch. Soul eater.
A man, my great grand father, sleeps… the deep sleep of torpor. A man approaches, no… not a man, a witch, maybe a vampire, I know this somehow. He’s biting the dead man, there is blood, rich blood from my Clan’s father.

What horror is this? A mortal cannot take the embrace, it must be given.

I wake. There is no sweat. Just the dark of night. I end my meditation.

I am determined now. I tell Qawiyya all the details of the dream now. I tell her of the type of stone the room is made of. I tell her of the face of the mortal, Tremere. I tell her all I can remember. I am resolute. Determined. I tell her our Clan will be hunted after this. That Tremere, a mortal man, is our undoing.

I am determined to be a force against the witches. To stop this future. I begin to think.
I awake. It is dark.
I begin the hunt.

Aurora Anghel

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