"Morte, Ascendo. Tenebrae, Vinco."


A tall man of fair complexion with ice blue eyes and raven black hair, cloaked in perpetual shadow.


“In Death, I rise. In Darkness, I conquer.”

Caius never cared much for the Catholic Church, preferring to worship the gods of his ancestors over the Christian God of conversion and war. His quiet life in the rural countryside was shattered when Roman legionaires, under orders of the arch bishop, laid waste to the pagan settlement and killed all of its inhabitants. Mortally wounded and grieving, Caius called out to the gods and offered his soul in return for the chance to avenge his family. The Shadow heard him, and answered. Calling itself Lucius, the Shadow proclaimed that he alone could provide him with the means to achieve his revenge, should he accept. Caius agreed, and Lucius granted him the Embrace. Teaching him to walk the Path of the Abyss, Lucius gave him mastery over Obtenebration and provided him with the name and location of the arch bishop that destroyed his village. Caius, masquerading as a demon, manifested before the arch bishop and frightened him into submission before making him pay for his “sins.” Caius was satisfied only briefly, until Lucius explained that only with the destruction of the Church could his family truly be avenged.


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