Cecil Noctis

Rebel Architect of Evolution


A thickly, powerfully build Slavic Warrior chief with dark hair and green eyes with a near permanent sneer. He may have been viewed as attractive once, but now his brow is more ridged, his hands thick and bony, his eyes glaring and piercing and his features generally bland and undesirable. He fits as well as the ugly angry noble as he does as the shadow of a pauper on the corner.

Age: 105
Apparent Age: 30
Date of Birth: 760 AD
R.I.P: 790 AD
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Race: Slavic (Natrava)
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 200
Sex: Yep.


Born the first son of first sons who migrated Southwest from the harsh winter climates into the softer lands of the haughty Roman Empire. Led his people to defeat the fortification efforts of the late 1700s in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, with many other tribes, leading him to gain the notice of Ruthven who was none too interested in continued Toreador and Ventrue influence bleeding into the Eastern European lands. Was taken in a duel, customer of his people, by Dragomir Narov, a proud, haughty warrior of his own right. Little did heknow the Land Rights challenge was a fascade to ensure he would not back down from the then augmented monster of a man in Dragomir. Ruthven took him that night. since that night, he has vowed to himself he would never be tricked again, and would serve only so long as Ruthven could pin him…Which means more challenges are to come. Ruthven enjoys the spirit of rebellion in him, and gifted him Dragomir – as well as letting him keep his lands, now ostensibly owned by Dragomir, in what will someday become Kutna Hora, but for now, is simply the first blood claimed lands of Natrava as owned by the Narovs.

Cecil Noctis

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